The I-mom Network - Online Jobs for Moms Staying At Home

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The i-mom network was developed for moms who are staying at home and help them earn money through working online in the comfort of their own home. The i-mom network helps moms to balance their lives, so that they can earn money at home and can also take care of their families.

Although this opportunity sounds great, many of the websites offering a ‘get rich quick mentality’ are scams.  To make sure that you don’t become prey to a scam, do your research online first to ensure the work you are going to do will be paid for.  To help make sure this doesn’t happen,  i-mom network  has applicants fill out a form which requires giving  relevant information and contact information.  After receiving this form,  an i-mom network administrator will give you a call on your number for making arrangements for one conference call. Then you need to decide whether or not you want to participate in that conversation.

Few things that need to be checked out for going in any business provided by the i-mom network are hereby provided:

Before going into business that are offered online like the ones by i-mom, always ensure that the name of the business and the purpose are stated clearly in the promotional ad they are giving. If you are not sure or having some doubts it would be wise to do more investigation.   Make sure you look to see reviews of the company and even call the company before engaging in working for them.

Skills required for online network marketing:

  • Present yourself to others as an expert and leader: Incorporate leadership characteristics that will make you stand out about the rest.  

  • Become known:  Use your expertise and leadership to be presentable so that others contact you more. The more attractive and valuable you can become, the more will they seek out for you and invite you in their business.

  • Marketing without investment: The best way for marketing online without having to spend is through the sites for social networking like Facebook, MySpace, videos, blogs, articles etc. With the ‘Web 2.0      marketing’ you can easily create connection with others and more the connections you have, the better is the marketing.

The i-mom network is a great way for moms at home to maintain a balanced lifestyle, as well to earn some extra cash!