Utility Rebates for Energy Efficient Homes

Monday, September 24, 2012

Do you save energy in your home?  If yes, you may qualify to enjoy special utility rebates.  Due to the rapidly increasing energy demand, rebates are being offered to encourage consumers to save energy as much as possible.  The amount of such utility rebate may range from $100 to $10,000 depending upon how much energy you save.  It doesn’t matter if you are just buying your first house, or looking to renovate the one that you have, home owners can take advantage of this special energy saving rebate offer.

Upon construction of a new home, rebates can be found for various reasons such as energy efficient insulation, upgraded appliances and lighting equipment. Similarly, if you are looking to save on energy, renovating homes to decrease energy consumption also has rebates.  Efficient Homes are a perfect combination of state of the art, energy efficient lighting, appliances and sound energy construction. 


In order to be an energy efficient house, some criteria have to be met:

  • Energy efficient insulation and lighting equipment.

  • Energy efficient cooling and heating systems.

  • Insulation upgrades.

How can you distinguish an energy efficient home from other non-energy efficient homes?

If you are buying a new house, these are the types of questions that you may want to ask: 

  • The house you are going to buy is about R-2000 model.

  • The energy efficient rating of the house is above 80 (Energuide rating).

  • The house was built according to the energy efficient criteria.

If you have a home and would like to do some renovations to increase its energy efficiency, you will need to hire a certified energy advisor to come and do a report of findings.  This report will give you recommendations for making your home more efficient.  Then you can choose which recommendations to follow. 

Once you have a more energy efficient home, the best place to look for a rebate is your local utility company.  Rebates vary in different provinces and different places, so it’s best that you look there for both the criteria that they have set out for the home to be considered energy efficient and how much of a rebate you may be able to expect from this. 

Saving money is always better than spending money especially when it comes to energy.  Find out how you can make your home more energy efficient today!