Top Qualities in Good Leadership

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What characteristics do you find appealing in a leader?  What leaders have you followed in the past and what leaders have you found that you are repelled against?  Leadership refers to an ability of a person to encourage others to follow them willingly. Every organization requires good leaders at each and every level to optimize the productivity of teamwork.


A good leader should have a clear vision with short and long term achievable goals and objectives. The leader should have a structured path set to achieve such goals and objectives. If the leader communicates with his team members and colleagues, it may inspire them to follow passionately.


Integrity is at the heart of every good leader. Integrity should be displayed to gain the trust and support of his/her team members. A few indications of integrity might include open and honest communication, a level headed and emotionally controlled person.  With these traits, followers may have an easier time taking direction and approaching this person.


Leading by example might be the strongest attribute of a leader.  If a leader strives to make his or her goals, it may inspire and motivate others to do the same.  The dedication of leader inspires the followers for hard work and efforts to achieve the goals and objectives.


A great leader is one that can communicate with his colleagues and followers with ease.  This leader also is approachable and receptive to new ideas even if they are opposite to their thinking. This will help the leader keep in touch with their team members.


A great leader uses common sense and is considered reasonable.  Each situation is dealt with in a timely manner with feedback for team members.  Although work needs to be done, perhaps good leaders will be able to see humor in situations and reward team members appropriately.