Prepare Your House for Sale

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Planning to sell your house? Do you know what needs to get done to prepare your house to be sold?  Do you know the minor and major details that you will need to do in order to have it be ready to be sold?

The outside appearance of the house will leave the first and lasting impression.  You will want to make sure that you have taken care to improve the outer look of your house as much as possible. To get the buyer’s perspective, you could take a photo of the outside of your house, try to get a purchaser’s point of view, or ask others informally what their first impression is.  In this manner, you can see it from another’s point of view and get feedback on what needs to improve for the outside appearance.  Make sure the lawn has been mowed, the garden and flowers looked after and the outside appearance has a welcoming feel.

Once inside, generally, buyers want to see space.  They want to be able to envision themselves living in this space with their belongings. So the first thing that you can do to get your house ‘show’ready is to declutter!  You do not want your possessions to be a distracting element from what you are truly trying to sell – and that is the skeleton of your home.  (The actual home).  Remember, when you are attempting at decluttering, you should be trying to restore rooms to core functions (and eliminate anything else). 

Buyers also want to move into a home that is ‘move in ready’.  This means most buyers do not want to have to take on a lot of work in order to move in.  So, one thing you, as the seller, can do to make this happen is to fix the trouble areas of your home before showing it.  Most people don’t want a ‘fixer upper’ house, if it is viewed as such, generally you might not get the price for the home that you are looking for.  When buyers can’t find items they will have to put their money into, then you may be able to get the offer that you are looking for. 

Taking the time to clean your home or to have it cleaned professionally will help enormously.  Buyers once again want to imagine living here.  Would you want to buy and then live in an area that you didn’t consider clean?
You will want the house to make a positive first impression.  If you can connect with the buyer, or better yet, have your home connect with the buyer (having them imagining living there) then you will be that much better off.  New paint and light fixtures can help immensely with this.

If you can disassociate yourself and cut the emotional ties to your house you may be better off.  Instead of having the buyers see you living there (with personal photographs on the walls), its better that you have them imagining that they are living there.

If you follow the above steps, you will be farther ahead than others that merely just dust and mop to get ready.  These steps will show that you have taken care of your home, and may be more inviting for potential buyers.

Good luck!