First Day of Autumn

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It comes every year on the 22nd of September; the air becomes a little more refreshing, schools have begun a new year and the leaves are starting to change – autumn is here. Whether it’s your favorite season or not, no one can deny the rustic beauty that makes autumn so mesmerizing.

So how do we best take advantage of this gorgeous season?

Spend time outside.  Early autumn is especially perfect for doing some outdoor activities because it isn’t too cold yet but the overwhelming summer heat is gone.  The crisp air feels great to breathe in and you can’t beat the scenery, go for a walk, hike or bike ride. Bring out your inner child and play in the leaves.  Enjoy a visit to a corn maze and get lost in the adventure of the maze.

Take the scenic route. When you are out and about, give yourself a little extra time and enjoy taking the scenic route to your destination of choice.  Roll down the windows and enjoy the beautiful colors and the crisp autumn air on your way.

Redecorate your house with autumn colors.  We all know them; the people who coordinate their home décor with the season and, secretly, some of us want to be them.  Buy new plants and flowers, carve a few pumpkins and get into the festive fall spirit.

Take advantage of pumpkins.  Whether you like pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, or pumpkin soup, there are hundreds of delicious pumpkin recipes on the Internet.  Take an afternoon or two and test a few of these unique recipes.

Prepare for winter.  Although many of us do not want to think about those dark winter days, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Putting on your winter tires before that first big snow will save you an even bigger headache.  There are enjoyable things to look forward to in the winter as well, start waxing that snow board and dig out the sleds so that the whole family is ready for some fun when the first big storm comes.

No one can deny how refreshing and beautiful autumn can be, don’t be afraid of a little drop in temperature and get out and enjoy all that autumn has to offer, the weather, the adventure, the scenery, the baking and the colors.

How will you enjoy your autumn season this year?