The Most Popular Canadian Home Renovation Projects of 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Over the last few years, the vast majority of Canadian home owners have done renovations to their homes.  Generally home owners take pride in their ownership and like to take on fix it projects or remodeling to keep their homes looking and feeling modern.  Financial limitations can typically restrict how many renovations can be made to homes.  Some home owners think that by remodeling and renovating they will increase the value of their home for re-sale purposes.

Canadians have been good at making these tradeoffs, as surveys of their most popular home renovation projects show. The BMO Financial Group released their survey in May 2012.

The most popular Canadian home renovation projects of 2012:

  • Kitchen re-modeling is the most popular plan of 2012. For some home owners this involves mostly painting and tiling, but for many others it also includes replacing cupboards and counter-tops and even re-arranging the layout of the kitchen.

  • The second most popular project, not far behind kitchens, is the renovation of bathrooms. This also mirrors the 2011 trend. It includes re-tiling, re-painting, re-finishing bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowls, replacing cupboards and other furnishings.

  • Many people prioritize basements. Whether it is to re do insulation, or to try to finish the basement, the basement is seen as the area with the most growth for potential.  Like kitchens and bathrooms, finished basements tend to increase the re-sell value of a house.

  • Bedrooms are also popular rooms to paint and in which to replace furnishings and windows.

  • Sitting rooms, bonus rooms and living rooms are popular to renovate as these areas generally are the entertaining areas.

  • At the bottom of the priority list for 2012 is the outside section of the home area.  Landscaping and gardens have seemed to have taken a back seat, as people are more determined to change and remodel the inside of the home.

So, for 2012 the renovation projects most popular are kitchens bathrooms and basements.  

As a home owner, have you been thinking about renovations?  If so, what would you like to fix?