November is Family Violence Month in Alberta

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Every November is family violence prevention month in Alberta. This year’s campaign focuses on encouraging Albertans to call the Family Violence Info Line and help those who are silenced.

Family Violence Alberta

Types of Family Violence

  • Physical abuse.

  • Sexual abuse.

  • Financial abuse.

  • Emotional abuse.

  • Verbal abuse.

Statistics for Family Violence in Canada

  • Approximately 7% of Canadian women and 6% of men are victims of family violence.

  • Alberta has the highest spousal violence statistic in the country, with 10% of women and 7% of men experiencing it.

  • As far as can be known, only about 28% of cases are reported to the police.

  • Those cases that are reported to the police constitute 12% of all police-reported violent crime in Canada.

  • In 11% of spousal attacks, others are harmed in addition to the intended target.

  • Women constitute 83% of the victims of spousal violence.

  • 30% of violence against children is perpetrated by relatives.

  • Family violence in Canada costs more than $4 billion a year.

What are the signs that someone may be a victim of family violence?

  • Clumsily and frequently explains the causes of injuries.

  • Shows reluctance to go home, such as by working late.

  • Is withdrawn and socially isolated.

  • Frequently receives distressing phone calls or visits.

Family Violence Prevention Initiatives in Canada

The Family Violence Initiative is run and funded by the federal government. It addresses violence within intimate or trusting relationships. It is led by the Public Health Agency of Canada and involves 15 partner departments, agencies and Crown corporations. It increases public awareness of the risk factors, strengthens law enforcement, runs shelters and tackles the socio-economic causes.

The National Clearinghouse on Family Violence is run by the Public Health Agency of Canada. It collects and makes available statistics on family violence.

The government of Alberta operates various shelters and help lines for victims of family violence.

The Alberta Roundtable on Family Violence and Bullying is a consultative and research initiative run by the government of Alberta.

The Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters supports shelters through research and the provision of services.