Danceland the Horse Hair Dance Floor

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A dance floor cushioned by horse hair and covered by maple flooring. Have you ever imagined such a thing? Well, in Canada, we are lucky to have one of these floors and it is located in Manitou Beach, which is 5km north of Watrous, Saskatchewan. Watrous is located 100km Southeast of Saskatoon. It is situated in the center of the Canadian grain belt.

A little history of the town of Manitou Beach has dancing as a showcase. The town used to house three separate dance halls that operated seven days a week! Those halls have since been shut down, and through various ownerships, Danceland – the famous horse hair dance hall, is now operated as a year round facility. Famous dancers from across Canada have come to dance at danceland, including the Canadian polka king Wilf Carter.

So what about this world famous dance floor built on horsehair? It is quite a feat. It was originally built in 1928 and its architecture and grandeur size is enough to impress. The dance floor itself is 5000 square feet and once the music starts, competition for space on the dance floor is limited. The nice thing about this dance floor is also the atmosphere of ‘danceland’. High quality professional musicians take stage, but not at the cost of conversation, as the music is controlled by a low volume setting.

So when should you try this dance floor? Well, it’s open year round, and every week has dances on Friday and Saturday nights as well, as Sunday Gospel shows, special occasion dances (such as New Year’s Eve) and special events dances as well. Danceland has also become a popular destination spot for weddings and conventions. For those wishing to stay over, Watrous has a variety of Inns, motels, hotels and bed and breakfasts that can accommodate.

If your feet are tired after a night at danceland, Manitou Beach also is famous for its Mineral Spa. You can really relax at the spa, and perhaps get ready for another night of dancing!

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