Mineral Springs and Their Health Benefits

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you believe that mineral spring water has healing effects? Even in the 16th century, those wounded from the war were taking to bathe in mineral springs and it was believed that this would help. So what is so special about mineral water? Does all water have this healing effect? It is believed that only mineral water has this healing affect. There used to be a science called hydropathy, which prescribed mineral water baths for everything up to smallpox and cancer.

So, if you have visited a mineral spa in the past, did you find that you felt better after coming out of the water? Some notice that their skin instantly feels smoother and silkier. However how does mineral water actually help?

When visiting a mineral spring or spa, spa operators often confidently say that water high in bicarbonate improves circulation by dilating blood vessels, that it lowers blood pressure and can thereby ease hypertension, and that it can even relieve mild atherosclerosis. We are told that sulfur-rich spring water is believed to help with skin infections and respiratory problems. Calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and other common minerals supposedly released toxins, boost our immune systems, relieve pain, and various other benefits.

So, this may not be scientific but it begs to question, even though it may not be based in scientific study and fact, could bathing in it really be helpful?

  • Those bathing in the Dead Sea (with some of the highest mineral content in the world) say that their associated pain relief lasts for months.

  • A study done by doctors in Israel found patients with back pain experienced short-term pain relief after a mineral bath, compared to a group that experienced no relief after a long warm bath in tap water at home.

  • Some patients with type 2 diabetes travel to the Dead Sea to experience a substantial decrease in their blood sugar levels. If this can be proven, then it may allow those suffering from diabetes to reduce the amount of medication they have to take.

  • In Canada, many sports medical practitioners believe in using hot and cold water for therapy. If they were to use mineral water the benefits their athletes might experience might be double or triple!

  • If you have ever bathed in Epsom salts for sore or tired muscles, then you know the relief that comes with it.

So, if you haven’t tried it, then maybe the next time that you have the opportunity to bathe in mineral springs or salts, you should to see if you can see a noticeable effect.

If you are in Western Canada and want to check out some great mineral springs, you can try several in British Columbia, the Yukon or Alberta.

Happy mineral bathing!