What Can't You Buy Online?

Friday, January 11, 2013

What Can't You Buy OnlineWith advanced technology, people are increasingly turning to the internet for their shopping. The internet is full of millions of products that are at the disposal of consumers. In this way, products that would have otherwise been unavailable are now being made more and more accessible to consumers. People are now turning to the internet for online shopping of all types of goods and services. You can buy designer clothes, automobiles, electronics, books and all sorts of things.

But have you ever considered what you cannot buy online? Aside from Alcohol, illegal drugs and cigarettes, which are prohibited to be sold on the internet, there are some surprising items which you cannot buy on the internet.

The following addresses some of the items that you will not be able to purchase online:

  • Vera Wang Wedding Dresses – This fashionable wedding apparel is for some unknown reason not yet available on the internet.

  • The Birkin Bag – The demand for these stylish satchels are so in demand today, that they are not only “allowed” to be displayed on internet sites.

  • Comptoir des Cotonniers – This favorite Paris boutique had just recently reached American shores, but yet can.

  • L’Oreal – A French cosmetic company that keeps its beauty products adamantly off the internet.

  • Bioderma – A French cosmetics manufacturing company that produces dermatological products which can be bought anywhere, but not on the internet.

  • Johnson & Johnson – The beloved New Jersey based pharmaceutical manufacturing company which have been a household name for people all over the world, still does not fully use the internet to sell its famous products.

  • Bose – A world famous corporation which specialized in producing high-class audio equipments, yet they are extremely silent on the internet until today.

  • Festina – A watch making company based in Switzerland. They have produced excellent watches for 100 years, yet their time on the internet has not yet started.

  • Caudalie – A French skin care manufacturing company that has been satisfying clients since 1993, yet internet users haven’t felt their presence.

  • Uriage – Another French skin care company that do not provide internet users the comfort of buying these products online.

  • Nuxe – A brainchild of Aliza Jabes, this skin care company that been famous worldwide but not on the internet.

So although most of everything can be found on the internet to buy online, you may struggle to find some specialty items. Happy shopping!