Hotel Safety Tips for Canada

Monday, September 3, 2012

Have you ever considered having to be safe in a hotel in Canada? Have you considered what you need to do to ensure that your safety and peace of mind can be taken care of?

Here are a few suggestions on staying safe when staying in a hotel.

Safe Hotel Checklist

  • Check the location of the hotel. What is the area around the hotel like? Will it be safe to walk from the hotel to other areas?

  • How is the hotel ranked? What have former customers had to say about the hotel (check reviews).

  • Ask about safety precautions in the hotel (fire alarm, emergency medical services etc).

Checking into Hotel Room

  • Never leave your luggage unattended.

  • Always keep your hotel room door locked (use both the deadbolt and the security chain).

  • Avoid leaving keys inside your room.

  • Know when the hotel front desk will be staffed.

  • Know which areas are secure and which ones aren’t (for example hallways of rooms or stairwells).

During Your Stay in Hotel

  • Understand and know the exit strategies to your hotel (in case an emergency arises).

  • Before answering your door, always ask who it is, and verify by checking the eye hole.

  • Always keep your blinds closed for your own privacy.

  • Some people like to carry their own portable door alarm which can be easily installed to the door and will alert you if someone is trying to open your door.

Make Your Valuables Safe & Secure

  • Make sure your valuables (jewelry, passport) are kept in a safe, secure location. Most hotels have a safe inside the room, if not; you can ask the front desk to keep the items in a safe for you.

  • Always secure your luggage with keys.

Although this might not be something that we all think of when staying in a hotel, keeping this tips in mind may help you feel more secure, and overall, your stay a more peaceful one. Knowing that you are safe within your hotel will make your stay much more enjoyable.