The Benefits of Home Insulation

Friday, August 31, 2012

Home insulation is a protective barrier that can be installed above the ceiling, under the floor, or on the inside, outside of the cavities of the walls. It can be made of various materials and is typically rated according to the amount of protection it provides. As one should expect, the better the protection, the more expensive the material.

So if home owners are encouraged to spend time and energy on finding and installing good home insulation, what are the benefits?

  • The primary benefit of insulation is that it creates a comfortable temperature in the house all year round. During the winter it keeps heat in the house and during the summer it slows the flow of heat into the house from outside. So the house is warmer during the winter and stays cooler in the summer.

  • By regulating the temperature of the house naturally, insulation can save wasting energy and allow a more consistent and comfortable environment. In the winter, heating units do not have to run constantly to try to counteract the cold air that enters through the floor, walls and ceiling, and in the summer insulation will help to keep the house cool.

  • Insulation absorbs sound, so it can help to reduce noise transmission through the walls and ceiling. It can thereby make the home quieter, protecting from both inside and outside noise.

  • Without insulation, moisture can easily enter your home. Condensation occurs on the inside of the walls and ceiling when the temperature inside the house is higher than the temperature of the walls and the ceiling. Insulation diminishes this reaction and can reduce or even eliminate condensation. This rules out mildew and fungi and thereby reduces the need for re-plastering and re-painting.

  • Due to the energy savings and the reduced need for maintenance, insulation is seen as a home improvement. It thereby adds value to the price of the house.

  • Insulation is not only beneficial to home owners, but also to the environment. Since owners of insulated homes use less electricity, oil, coal or gas to warm and cool their homes, they contribute to environmental health by reducing their contribution of greenhouse gasses. They thus help to slow down the destruction of the atmosphere.

  • Similarly, since the above fuel types are among the earth’s exhaustible resources, insulation helps to preserve them for more important future use.

With so many massive benefits of insulating our homes, home owners should feel more comfortable about spending the money required. Insulation pays for itself in three to four years of reduced energy and maintenance bills, and makes the home more comfortable.