Do we Still Need Libraries

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Have you ever wondered why we still have libraries in this day and age of technology? Have you ever thought of what is available in the library, and why we should keep them? Below are several examples of why we need to retain all types of libraries: School, University, and Public

For our communities, public libraries face the greatest threats, here are a few thoughts on why we should keep them!


  • Supply information and services to all. This is free, (included in public taxes), wide ranging and provided to everyone from babies to seniors.

  • Initiate & provide services, rather than duplicate them. In other words, local libraries will offer services no other institutions can. These services are based on public demand and need – what the public is asking for.

  • Not everyone owns a computer and/or technological equipment. Access to computers, as well as computer instruction, is available at public libraries. Even digital cameras can be borrowed at public libraries.

  • Only the format for information has changed. Information found in reference books is now available online through the library’s web site. Instructional videos also available on many subjects; from house repairs to learning another language.

  • Today libraries purchase reference databases rather than costly reference books. Topics range from Health to Car Manuals. People download needed information on how to fix their car in their own garage - & there are many backyard mechanics! Entire book is no longer needed, just the actual information.

  • Personalized assistance is provided in locating information. Where else can you find free legal information?

  • Free programs to the public (from babies to seniors) are provided.

  • Story time for young people; Movies for all ages; Meeting Room Facilities for groups & individuals; Display Areas for art work; Speakers on a wide range of topics from Income Tax Preparation; Importance in Having a Will; Preventing Falls in the Home; regular Monthly Book Club meetings; to Genealogical research and information. This list is endless.

  • Libraries are free! Online and technology use is not always free, but going to a library will give access to those that might not to be able to afford these services elsewhere.

  • Reliable sources of information can’t always be found by internet surfing, however, at a library a librarian can help you sort through information and give you the best quality information.

So the next time you hear of government cutbacks, and shutting down libraries, think of the above points to help keep libraries open!