Does Email Spam Still Happen?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Have you ever encountered an email in your inbox that was for some unwanted product? How many times have you opened your inbox only to find emails that are not directed towards you and are for products that you do not want? These emails are called spam. Although email spam has dwindled significantly in the past few years it still does occur. These emails are generally scams and fake offers for dodgy loans, services and products. These are unsolicited emails sent in bulk to numerous recipients around the World.

A recent study has revealed that email spam can account to about 78% of all emails that has been sent around the world. So, how do you get targeted for email spam? These organizations collect email addresses from chat rooms, websites, customer lists, news groups and various portals that had been run with an aim of harvesting addresses.

So how can you best avoid getting spammed in the first place? Be wary of where you input your email address. You can become targeted if your email address is collected. It can then be put onto a spam list and you will then receive spam for various products. Some companies actually sell email addresses to spam companies. It is also advised not to open any spam emails nor click on any unknown links provided in these mails. Also, simply delete these messages. If you reply to these messages, then you can be targeted. Some of these spam emails also carry an “unsubscribe” option, which is another way for you to reply to these messages. Deleting these messages without opening them is the best way to avoid getting more spam.

Spam filters have helped in significantly reducing the amount of spam that arrives in your inbox. Check with your internet provider on how to set up a spam filter and an anti-virus protector for these emails, as spam email is often associated with viruses.

Using the internet has become a daily use of life. However, you don’t want to be bombarded with email spam, due to its sheer annoyance, but also, the threat of viruses are high with spam.

Spam filters and awareness are two sure fire ways to avoid spam in the future.

Good luck, and don’t spend all of your time fighting with email spam!