Helpful Winter Diet Tips

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All spring we work to fit into those little shorts and bathing suits for the summer, then we find that when the cold in the autumn hits, it’s time to break out the winter clothing and comfort foods.  However, we then turn back into this cycle of trying to lose weight after a winter of eating what we want when we want.  So, how can you maintain staying lean and trim in the winter?  Here are some tips:

Healthy Nutrition

It’s very tempting in the winter to reach for those heavy comfort foods.  Just be cautious that these foods generally have more calories.  And also remember, the more calories that you take in, the more calories you will have to take off.  Some comfort foods such as hot beverages will need to be taken with care as well.  That latte that you are reaching for?  It may take over 30 minutes to burn off those calories.  Perhaps think about calories the next time you reach for comfort foods. 

Fitness and Exercise

It is a bit harder to get outside and exercise in the winter with inclement weather and cold temperatures (not to mention bad road conditions).  However, the weather should not stop you from exercising.  Some might just have to be a bit more inventive in the winter months to exercise if you are trying to avoid the cold.  There is always the gym, and then there are an abundance of activities to be enjoyed in the winter months (such as hockey, cross country skiing, tobogganing).  Even walking can help to keep you metabolism and neurons firing.  Just remember, in order to maintain your figure, calories in must equal calories out. 

Stay Hydrated at All Times

In the summer months, your body can alert you to when it needs to be hydrated.  However, it’s just as important in the winter.  In Western Canada, we generally have dry cold winters and this can strip the body of hydration.  So it’s imperative to keep the fluids up!  It is recommended that people get at least six glasses of 8oz of water each day.  (This cannot be substituted with tea or coffee as these drinks sometimes can be a diuretic and actually strip the body of hydration).  Dehydration is very harmful for our diet, energy level, and most importantly, our skin.

If you follow these basic tips, you may not have to work so hard in the spring to burn all those unnecessary calories.  Maintaining a balanced nutrition plan and exercise regime will help you to keep your figure through the winter months.