Popular Flowers for 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

All gardeners have their favorite flowers.  For 2012, a few of the most popular flowers are:

Daylilies are always a flower bed favorite with most gardeners planting more than one variety. A new one this year is “Going Bananas” (hemerocallis) which has large, canary yellow flowers that will bloom all summer long until frost sets in. It grows 19-22 inches tall.

Sedum is another popular plant that generally is a mainstay in a lot of flower beds and you might want to take a look at “Maestro” (sedum) as the stems turn a purplish color later in the season. The pink flower heads with the darker stems are quite showy in the fall.

Dahlias are always popular flowers in every garden and each year new varieties are on the market, plant them early in the spring and dig them up in the fall and they will last for years.

Hostas are generally foolproof, there are lots of new ones to choose from....they are particularly good for shaded areas. The smaller ones can be planted in containers or in flower beds.

Pansies are one of the hardiest little plants there are, they will often over-winter and bloom for years. If you cut off the dead blossoms they will continue to bloom for a long time, icicle pansies are very hardy and will bloom through the winter depending on how severe it is and continue blooming into the spring.

Peonies are another flower bed standard and are good for early summer color, a lot of varieties have double blooms and a new one this year is a double bloom, with twice the petals called “La Perle” peony.

Petunias are a colourful addition to any flower bed, or to a container. The wave petunias have lots of blossoms and are great in containers. There is a seed available that has two seeds in one pellet and when you plant it you end up with a petunia and a bacopa together.

Brown-eyed susans (rudbeckia) give lots of colour and last for months, are very hardy and will over-winter. They are an easy plant to grow.

These flowers are quite easy to care for, as they will come up each spring.  They all require adequate water and sunlight, which comes quite easily living in Canada with rain and sunshine.  If you would like to share your gardening ideas or images of your garden please send your picture to the Western Direct Facebook Happy gardening!