The Online Shopping Experience

Friday, December 7, 2012

More and more people are turning to online shopping. The internet has provided a very convenient way of doing shopping from the comforts of our homes. According to recent statistics, out of ten internet users, seven of them do their shopping online. It is also notable that about 27% of global consumers do their shopping online. This indicates the extent at which consumers are turning to the use of the internet in their business and consumption trends.

The online shopping experience has brought about a lot of convenience. Customers are able to first go through the short product descriptions that are available alongside the products before actually buying them. This is without mentioning that there are millions of products to choose from. In this way, you can hop from one online shop to another with ease as you ‘internet’ window-shop.

There are so many benefits of online shopping but unfortunately there are also some disadvantages. There are those cyber criminals that can swindle unsuspecting consumers with fakes websites and scams to gather credit card information or take transactions. There are also those who will track your personal details and use them to get to your cash. In this way, consumers should be sure to use only secure online shops and confirm that the shops are using secure payment methods. Once you have become familiar with secure websites and gain confidence, then the ease to conduct transactions will be all that easier. Also, returning to websites and making purchases may increase your chance of getting discounts and other incentives.

To make sure that your online shopping experience is rewarding, you should also make sure that you have signed out of any secure website requiring personal details .  You should also check the online shop shipping policies and methods. This should be done before making payment to make sure that you know what is happening, and what to expect. 

Some sites that may steer you in the right direction for online shopping might be:

  • Ebay (Various items)

  • Paypal (for secure financial transactions)

  • Beyond the rack (Clothing)

  • (Canada’s online Shopping mall with 2088 shops in 284 categories)