Unique Modes of Travel

Monday, July 30, 2012

Unique Modes of TravelGlobe trotters from around the world find it fascinating to learn about the existence of unique transportation systems in faraway places.  For instance, when traveling to Asia travelers are often taken aback with the cultural diversity, colorful traditional events and the unique transport system available locally. Despite the advancement in technology some still thrive on the oldest form of transportation.  The “Tuk Tuk” in Thailand is far from what we see in North American as a taxicab. Tuk Tuk’s are attractive small enclosures that run on three wheels to carry passengers. Despite being crowded they promise to arrive at destinations beating traffic jams. 

In Kyoto, Japan traditional rickshaws are used which are pulled by human pullers manually. The pullers use a specially designed shoes that makes it easier for them to pull considering the road surface. The rickshaws look like a cart with two huge wheels on each side with a canopy cover over head which is very often in bright colors adding to the attraction. The rickshaws were prevalent in other


Asian countries in the past but have faded away with time; however it still exists in parts of Japan including Kyoto. 

Visitors to India are fascinated by the “Tonga” which are basically covered carriages at the top pulled by two horses and is the best mode of economical transport for local sightseeing. The carriages are beautifully decorated with colorful hangings including bells hanging that rings funnily adding to the fervor of sightseeing. Even the horses are decorated with colorful ornaments, eyewear, crowns and back tops adding to the royal touch of the bygone era.  

In Canada we also have unique modes of travel.  Dog sledding has been gaining more popularity each year and in Banff, Alberta is a tourist hot spot.  Also we have tourism options for paragliding and parasailing that comes with lot of freedom to fly by yourself under trained experts makes you’re gliding or sailing experience an exhilarating event in your life.  Hot Air Ballooning is another sought after and memorable experience.  The balloon gliding will provide a panoramic view of Canada Rockies, the lush velvety valleys, the serene scenes of Atlantic Canada, the parliament complex of Ottawa. Helicopter holiday packages are much sought after, which are economical and full of fun activities when in Canada.

Other unique methods of transportation are:

  • In  Cambodia can hop aboard a bamboo train.

  • In New Zealand you can zorb (rolling down a hill in an inflatable ball).

  • In Thailand you can ride on an elephant.

  • In Jordan you can ride on a camel.

So, if you haven’t tried being transported in a unique way, put it on your bucket list!