A small Prairie city, Yorkton possesses an impressive degree of cultural sophistication. The city’s film festival has been running since 1947, making it one of the oldest in North America. Yorktonites are proud of their local arts scene and equally proud in the arena cheering on The Terriers or The Harvest.

Being an agricultural hub, the unpredictability of the weather can have huge ramifications. In July 2010, Yorkton was hit by a severe summer storm. Hail, strong winds, lightning and heavy rains triggered a flash flood and damaged homes and businesses across the city. A state of emergency was declared. Yorktonites banded together and helped rebuild the city, but there’s no telling when the unthinkable might happen again. At Western Direct, we are committed to helping you prepare for the worst.

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It is a testament to the people of Regina that what was once featureless grassland is now a strong, proud city built on innovation and enterprise. The Queen City is alive with arts and culture, sports and festivals. Regina is home to Canada's oldest performing orchestra and Saskatchewan’s only professional sports team – the beloved Roughriders.


But life in Regina is not without challenges. The weather is prone to extremes, from frigid snowy winters to sudden summer storms. Regina is known for blizzards, blackouts and freak weather events. It is, after all, the site of Canada’s worst ever tornado – the Regina Cyclone, which devastated much of the city. At Western Direct Insurance, we understand the challenges of Prairie living.


We share the values of hard work, honesty and looking out for your neighbours. We’re proud to call Western Canada home. You can’t always count on Regina’s weather, but you can count on us. To ask a question or learn more about getting reliable home insurance call one of our licensed insurance professionals at 1-855-674-6338 and find out what coverage works for you. Click the quote button to get a free online insurance quote in minutes.