Soupsisters is a charitable organisation in 12 Canadian cities that uses volunteers to feed abused women and children at women’s shelters and youth centres.

How does Soupsisters work?

  • Soupsisters’ partner organisations have certified kitchens in 12 cities where all the soup is produced. This ensures the quality of the ingredients and the cleanliness of the cooking environment.

  • Volunteers sign up for soup-cooking events at these kitchens.

  • The soup-cooking events include the cooking of soup as well as a meal, wine and conversation.

  • Each volunteer donates $50 to participate, which is used to pay for the ingredients, use of the kitchen and cooking utensils, and the meal and wine for the participants.

  • The soup produced at these cooking events is then packed in containers, collected and taken to the beneficiaries.

Who Volunteers?

  • At this stage Soupsisters partners with kitchens in Ottawa, Toronto, London, Waterloo, Calgary, Diamond Valley, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg and Montreal, so anyone in those cities is welcome.

  • Both men and women volunteer for the soup-making events.

  • Both those with and without cooking skills sign up. A lot of the work is the cutting and mashing of vegetables, and all work is supervised by a professional cook.

  • Volunteers usually get together beforehand and sign up as soup-making groups, but individuals can also contact the organisation. They will then be placed in groups in their cities whose cooking events fit their schedules.

  • Another type of volunteer is the person who wants to donate money only, instead of making soup.

Who Benefits?

  • Women’s centres who distribute the soup among abused women and children. The soup brings nourishment, but also helps to make them feel that their communities care.

  • Troubled youth who participate in programs to take control of their lives. Whether their disadvantage is domestic violence, extreme poverty, drug use or any other, programs that help them through the transition to becoming productive Canadians receive soup and love from Soupsisters.

  • Since the program creates awareness of domestic violence through its partnership with women’s shelters and youth centres, anyone who is potentially at risk benefits.

  • Canadian communities benefit by getting together, sharing their time and money and nurturing the more vulnerable members of their society.

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